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Jun 30, 2021

Panhandle State Communications

OPSU Students Tell Their Stories – Diversity & Inclusion

Manuel Medina was interested in Panhandle State through the Upward Bound program and concurrent classes. As a Guymon native, OPSU was a familiar choice where he could be close to home. He plans to graduate in the Fall of 2022, double majoring in Computer Information Systems and Marketing.

Medina has a passion for advocating for the diversity at Panhandle State and bringing more awareness and tolerance to campus. He is an officer for the Hispanic American Leadership Organization and Pride & Allies League. Through his leadership as an officer and working at El Centro, he can help plan activities and events he is passionate about.

June is recognized as Pride month, and is very important to Medina. He said, “The biggest challenge I have faced is acceptance anxiety. I have always been ‘weird’ and ‘different,’ which can be daunting at times. I had an anxiety attack because I wasn’t sure how being a queer person of color was going to affect my experience at OPSU.”

Medina commented, “In my time at Panhandle State, there have been small steps taken to make the campus more tolerant to minorities, and I am proud to be a part of those steps working through some of the pushback.”

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