Apr 27, 2018

Panhandle State Communications

Panhandle State Foundation scholarships benefit students

Goodwell, Okla. — Each year, Panhandle State Foundation offers over 250 scholarships made available by the continued generosity of donors, alums, local businesses, and civic organizations to students attending Oklahoma Panhandle State University. Foundation scholarships are open to all students ranging from academically outstanding to financially needy. Applications are accepted each year from December 1st through February 15th. All high school seniors interested in attending Panhandle State and returning Panhandle State students are encouraged to apply during this time.

This year, a record number of 2018-2019 scholarship applications were received by the deadline. Students from 22 states and seven foreign countries applied. The majority of applicants were Ag majors followed closely by Business and Education majors. Over 35% of the applications were submitted by incoming Freshman and 57% were female.

During each fall semester, donors receive a thank you letter and personal picture from the student receiving the scholarship they funded. It is a meaningful way for the student to express their appreciation to the donor and for the donor to have verification of distribution. Scholarship funds are applied directly to the student’s Panhandle State account each semester. Most scholarship funds are distributed equally between the two semesters of the school year.

Competition for the available scholarships gets tougher each year with more students applying for the same number of scholarships. This continued increase in applicants was expected with the price of higher education on a steady incline causing more students to seek additional financial assistance. Unfortunately, the number of applicants is increasing faster than the number of scholarships.

The scholarships offered through the Panhandle State Foundation Scholarship Program provide supplemental financial assistance that is extremely valuable to Panhandle State students. Without this support, many students would not be able to afford a degree. For some students, a scholarship allows them to work less hours so that they can be more involved on campus or have more time to study. For others, it may halt them having to take out a student loan. Scholarships can also give students encouragement and show them that someone believes in their ability to impact the future in a positive way. Panhandle State Foundation is grateful to everyone who currently participates in our scholarship program.

Philanthropic contributions to benefit Panhandle State and its students are coordinated through Panhandle State Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Scholarship endowments can be set up for specific majors, classifications, GPA or ACT requirements, or based on need or other factors. Endowments generally start with a minimum initial $10,000 donation which will provide an annual $500.00 scholarship to perpetuity. Scholarship endowments are a generous and lasting way to honor or memorialize a loved one, support current students interested in your field of study, or give back to your alma mater. Please contact us at 580-349-1392 or opsufoundation@opsu.edu if interested in establishing a scholarship for the benefit of a Panhandle State student.

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