PTCI is an outstanding local partner with Panhandle State.

Jan 11, 2018

Panhandle State Communications

PTCI Partnership

Goodwell, Okla. — The support Oklahoma Panhandle State University receives from partnerships in the area is remarkable and allows the University to do far more than it could on its own. One of these outstanding partners is Panhandle Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (PTCI).

PTCI seeks to consistently provide progressive, affordable, high quality communication services which will enhance the quality of life for members and customers in the region. PTCI is a longtime supporter of Panhandle State through a number of ways.

PTCI CEO Shawn Hanson commented on the partnership, “PTCI views its relationship with OPSU as a long-term strategic partnership that is mutually beneficial, and good for the residents of the Oklahoma panhandle. We obviously strive to be the best telecommunications supplier we can be for OPSU, but we also want to do anything within our power to help OPSU achieve its mission and vision. This in-cludes our work on filming and streaming OPSU events, our efforts to develop and maintain meaning-ful internships, collaborative public relations efforts, and our corporate sponsorship for athletics and academic team competitions. OPSU is viewed as a high-quality, long-term source of well-educated, talented and hard-working future employees and customers for PTCI.

Most recently, the Video Department at PTCI has been assisting the Sports Information Department at Panhandle State in live streaming sporting events, so that alumni all over the world may be able to watch events from their alma mater.
Panhandle State Class of 1994 graduate Nat Hall recently learned of this service and thanked PTCI. “I am having the pleasure of watching the OPSU Football Homecoming live from way up here in Alaska!”

President Dr. Tim Faltyn said, “PTCI is helping us meet our goals as we seek to further our reach to our Aggie community.”

In addition to filming for sporting events, PTCI has also covered events such as Commencement as well as producing a monthly TV show that highlights the campus and student life as not everyone gets to see called Inside OPSU.

PTCI’s Multimedia Production Technician, Shawn Barbaree, said, “Through many partnerships, PTCI has had a long-standing cooperation with the university. For over 10 years, PTCI has documented campus events through an original show— Inside OPSU. It is my hope that PTCI and OPSU can continue this valuable partnership for the students. It truly gives the college a voice and a way to showcase life on campus.”

Video Production Technician/PR Assistant Emanual DeHerrera commented on the partnership saying, “PTCI supports our community as a priority, and filming and streaming OPSU’s events is just another way we can give back. It is crucial for alumni and families of new students to have this technology available to see the Aggies competing on game day. I am blessed to have graduated from Panhandle State in 2008 and now have a career at PTCI. For me, this partnership is win-win.”

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