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Registering for Classes

Need help?
Contact the Academic Resource Center: arc@opsu.edu or (580) 349-1558.
OR The Hispanic Student Center (El Centro) hispanicstudentcenter@opsu.edu or (580) 349-1340.

Consult your academic advisor to plan your class schedule for the upcoming semester. You will not be able to enroll until you have consulted with your advisor. To register for classes, login to Self-Service.

Carefully check your schedule in your student profile (click on “Class Schedule” in your student profile to view) to ensure you are enrolled in only the classes you intended to enroll in. Students are responsible for making sure their enrollment is correct and for paying the full amount of tuition and fees for all courses on their schedule.

If you run in to any issues enrolling in to a class due to a prerequisite requirement, or any other restriction, the system will notify you and you will need to contact your Academic Advisor for assistance.

All OPSU students are responsible for knowing and adhering to the drop/add and refund deadlines. Courses with start/add dates that differ from regular semester dates have their own individual deadlines which can be found here.