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Music Majors are eligible for up to $4000 / year in scholarships. Non-Majors are eligible for up to $2500 / year in performance ensemble scholarships.

How does the audition process work?

Choose a time from the list below. Information required for the form includes:

  • Contact info
  • Whether you will need an accompanist or not (one will be available, but music will need to be submitted at least 1 week before the audition date)
  • A PDF of the music for the accompanist (if applicable)

Note: You are welcome to use a CD / MP3 accompaniment. If doing so, please provide your own sound equipment.

Come prepared to perform a contest-style solo that best displays your abilities. If you would like to be considered for scholarships on multiple instruments (i.e. voice, saxophone, clarinet, percussion), please prepare a piece on each instrument. Be prepared to share some basic information about your musical experiences (i.e. All-State Choir, Five States Honor Band, or others) in the form of a musical resume.

Students unable to audition at the times listed are welcome to schedule an audition at another time with the appropriate faculty member.

We welcome auditions from students transferring from other institutions.

Set up your audition

Please contact Charla Lewis to set up your audition or complete the online form.
(580) 349-1483

Auditions are currently closed.