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Firestone Meat Laboratory

Lab Info

The Firestone Meats Lab has been in operation since its construction in 1982. It serves as a facility for student learning in the meats industries as well as providing a service to local producers and charitable groups.

The meat laboratory provides full service beef and swine processing for local producers. Students are provided educational opportunity to learn all aspects of the meat processing industry while working in the lab. It also serves the community by sponsoring interscholastic meat evaluation contests each year and also provides workouts for local meat judging teams.

Firestone Meats Lab also generously donates processed meat for several campus events as well as community wide events such as the annual graduation barbecue and Pioneer Day celebrations. They also donate processing services and meat for the OPSU rodeo team and the Texas County Fair.


Photograph of Ingo, Anthony
Ingo, Anthony
Title: Director of Estes E. Firestone Meats Laboratory
Office: FML
Phone: 580.349.1518
Email: Email Web Form
Photograph of Stephens, Daren
Stephens, Daren
Title: Instructor of Agriculture
Office: SAB 116
Phone: 580.349.1510
Email: Email Web Form