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OPSU Art Department

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Art studies are based on the study of design, drawing, painting, art history, sculpture, ceramics, and advanced studies within those fields. The aim of this program is to give students a wide experience in art.

Fine Arts Studies

Course work in the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree focuses on three separate tracts of study: visual art, studio art, and computer graphics. The visual arts tract consists of in-depth studies in two-dimensional and three-dimensional art. Beginning with fundamentals of art, course work builds comprehensively upon each course taken to give students a consistent growth of knowledge in the areas of design, composition, color theory, and various techniques and experiments.

The two-dimensional aspect focuses on drawing and painting skills with the addition of classes in upper-level figure drawing, painting, art problems, and art marketing.

The three-dimensional aspect focuses on different facets of ceramic design, techniques, glazing and firing, and experimentation with glazing and clay body design.

The overall objective of the visual arts tract is to gain sufficient skills and techniques in a studio environment, as well as to focus one’s artwork toward market trends and to display one’s work in area galleries.

The traditional art tract focuses on a small core of courses which are well-rounded, but begins students on a path to a studio emphasis. The option focuses on the realms of painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, and ceramics. A well-rounded core touches every facet of the world of art, but then becomes intently focuses within the disciplines.

Exploration and research courses are included to better prepare students for graduate school and life as a studio artist.

The computer graphics tract takes a unique approach to cross-discipline course work and ties traditional art studio classes to state-of-the-art computer programming and software. Course work includes traditional art classes, computer lab work, and computer programming. This degree is designed for students who wish to focus their energies in a growing field of computer-assisted art, internet design, video gaming, and video and film production.

Courses in the major must have a “C” or better to count as credit toward the degree in art.