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Agriculture, Science, and Nursing

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

Faculty Contact

Photograph of Collins, Dr. Justin
Collins, Dr. Justin
Title: Professor of Biology / Department Chair of Biology
Office: SAB 223
Phone: 580.349.1522
Email: Email Web Form


Total Hours: 120
  • Academic Option
  • General Education 41
    • *Chemistry Major coursework 41
    • *Chem 1135-General Chemistry I
    • *Chem 2235-General Chemistry II
    • *Chem 2021-Chemical Literature
    • *Chem 3025-Quantitative Analysis
    • *Chem 3315-Organic Chemistry I
    • *Chem 3325-Organic Chemistry II
    • *Chem 3415-Physical Chemistry I
    • *Chem 3525-Physical Chemistry II
    • *Chem 4024-Biochemistry I
    • *Chem 4031-Seminar
  • Co-requisite Requirements 12
    • *Math 1824-Calculus I
    • *Phys 2014-General Physics I
    • *Phys 2114-General Physics II
  • Electives
    • Sufficient courses to bring upper level hours to 40 credit hours and total to 124 semester hours for graduation.

Additional Info