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Photograph of Thomas, Karlyse
Thomas, Karlyse
Title: Associate Athletic Trainer
Phone: 580.349.1338
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Thrall, Helen Ninoska
Title: DMA, Artist in Residence, Piano Instructor
Office: HS 113
Phone: 580.349.1491
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Photograph of Torres, Laura
Torres, Laura
Title: Administrative Assistant to Vice President of Fiscal Affairs /
Phone: 580.349.1552
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Photograph of Tucker, Shawna
Tucker, Shawna
Title: Dean College of Agriculture, Science, & Nursing /
Assistant Professor of Math
Office: SAB 111
Phone: 580.349.1534
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Photograph of Tuttle, Nick
Tuttle, Nick
Title: Webmaster
Office: SL 301
Phone: 580.349.1353
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