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Photograph of Aboohamidi, Dr. Abbas
Aboohamidi, Dr. Abbas
Title: Assistant Professor Ag Business
Office: SAB 118
Phone: 580.349.1502 / 806.928.3746
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Acree, David
Title: Adjunct Instructor Business Administration
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Allen, Valentina
Title: Adjunct Instructor of Computer Information Systems
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Photograph of Allen, Julie
Allen, Julie
Title: Head Volleyball Coach / Athletic Community Involvment Coordinator
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Photograph of Anderson, MaKenze
Anderson, MaKenze
Title: Academic Resource Center Coordinator
Office: MLW 109 B
Phone: 580.349.1558
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Arbuthnot, Tara
Title: Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice
Phone: 580.349.2611
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Ask, Michael
Title: Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics
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Photograph of Avalos, Alma
Avalos, Alma
Title: Program Facilitator for Upward Bound
Office: HFH 205
Phone: 580.349.1409
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Photograph of Aznar, Tito
Aznar, Tito
Title: Instructor of English / HLC Academic Support / Department Chair of Communications
Office: HMH 312
Phone: 580.349.1418
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