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Winter Weather Policy

In cases of severe winter weather involving snow, ice, extreme cold, or any combination of snow, ice, or extreme cold, the administration of Oklahoma Panhandle State University may choose to cancel classes or close the University in order to ensure the safety of the OPSU students, faculty, and staff. The following procedures will be followed to the best of the administration’s ability based on weather reports available at the time.

  1. Every attempt will be made to make closure or delayed opening decisions one and half hours prior to the time those decisions will take effect, i.e. decisions on delayed openings will be made by 6:30 a.m.

  2. Decisions about University closures and delays will be made by the University President, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Outreach, Vice President of Fiscal Affairs, Dean of Students, and Registrar in consultation with the Goodwell Chief of Police, OPSU Director of Communications, the Goodwell Emergency Management Director, Texas County Emergency Management Director, and others with additional knowledge of the impending weather. If any of the decision making group is unavailable, the decision will be made by the highest ranking member of the group available on-campus.

  3. Upon the decision to close the University or delay the opening of the University, the OPSU Director of Communications and the Dean of Students will work together to notify the campus constituents using the following methods:

    1. Emergency text alert to registered users via RAVE

    2. Emails to the faculty/staff listserv and student listserv

    3. Official University social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter

    4. Homepage of the OPSU website

    5. Notification to area radio and television stations (priority will go to KGYN and KKBS)

  4. If a class crosses over a delayed opening or early closing time, that class will be considered cancelled, i.e. if the University is opening at 10 a.m., a 9:30 a.m. class will not meet. Whether or not the decision is made to close the campus or cancel classes, those off-campus students, faculty, and staff commuting to campus should use their best judgment when deciding to travel to campus in winter weather conditions. Students who miss a class are urged to make contact with their instructors as soon as possible.

While the University Administration intends to follow these procedures, it is important to note that weather in the Oklahoma Panhandle can change drastically and unexpectedly in a short period of time. Decisions can and will be made that do not follow the procedures set forth in this policy if those decisions are in the best interest of the safety and health of the OPSU faculty, staff, and students.