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International Students Office

Oklahoma Panhandle State University is a four-year state university located in the Oklahoma Panhandle. OPSU’s tuition and fees offer one of the most affordable choices comparatively with other U.S. universities. The OPSU campus is located in a small town where people are friendly and the weather is dry and hot in the summer, cold in the winter with frequent snow, and windy almost year round. It’s important that students who apply are aware of the small town environment and solitude of the Oklahoma Panhandle area. Students have said that they think it is very quiet and peaceful and this combination allows you much time to study. However, the environment can also make it difficult to find transportation and work on campus because it is such a small university. However, OPSU’s small class sizes and one-on-one advising from instructors provides huge advantages for many international students who may need more one-on-one time with their instructors to help them better understand the coursework. Are you interested in an affordable, quality education? Are you interested in small class sizes and one-on-one advising from instructors? Are you interested in a friendly, small-town campus? If you answered yes to these questions, then OPSU is for you!

The International Students Office ventures to provide all international students with the assistance and counsel they need while attending Oklahoma Panhandle State University. Some of the services offered are orientation to campus and life in the U.S., immigration and your visa, employment and practical training information, health concerns, and general academic planning. OPSU also offers entertainment amidst numerous social activities and opportunities. We are glad to help you with anything you might need!

We can be reached by e-mail:
Or by telephone: 1-580-349-1376 (Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. CST)

Which country do you represent?

OPSU has international students representing the following countries!

  • Australia
  • national flagCameroon
  • national flagCanada
  • national flagCuracao
  • national flagCameroon
  • national flagDominican Republic
  • Estonia
  • national flagThe Gambia
  • national flagGermany
  • national flagGhana
  • national flagKenya
  • national flagIndia
  • national flagIndonesia
  • national flagIsrael
  • national flagJapan
  • national flagNigeria
  • national flagPakistan
  • national flagPhilippines
  • national flagUnited Kingdom