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Enrollment Information

1. Payment of Enrollment Fees

Payment of enrollment fees is required before the first day of classes. Any exceptions and/or payment arrangements on accounts, to include any delinquent accounts, must have approval of the Vice President of Fiscal Affairs before pre-enrollment may be finalized. Delinquent accounts may include such things as enrollment fees, book fines, parking tickets, housing costs, I.L. Ennis loan, etc.

Pre-enrolled students who have finalized enrollment must cancel registration before the first day of classes or withdraw after classes have begun and pay fees according to the state regents' and institutional fee policy. Financial aid and scholarships can be used to offset enrollment fees; however, it is the student's responsibility to ensure that documents and awards are properly processed in a timely fashion. Appropriately, students should contact the Financial Aid Office or the Panhandle State Foundation office.

2. Complete Withdrawal or Cancellation Of Enrollment—Refund Policy

Refunds for complete withdrawal from the institution are as follows: There will be a 100% refund through the "No Refund on Dropped Courses" date in the Academic Calendar in this publication.

3. Dropping or Adding Classes

To be official, course changes and withdrawals must be processed by the Admissions Office.

ADDING: Classes may be added through the fifth class day.

DROPPING: Classes may be dropped through the 10th class day with no enrollment showing and a 100% refund.

DROPPING AFTER 10th CLASS DAY: There are no refunds. Instructor's signatures are required for dropping courses. After the 10th class day, courses may be dropped by the student through the 11th week of classes with a grade of 'W' which remains on the transcript and is neutral in the calculation of grade point averages. Courses dropped after the 11th week until the final day for drop will receive a grade of 'W' or 'F' depending on the student's record at the time of official withdrawal from class. The grade of 'F' is figured in the student's grade point average. Summer and shortened term dates are correspondingly set in relationship to the length of the term.

4. Course Overload

Any student wishing to enroll in 20 or 21 hours for a semester must obtain the prior approval of the Vice President of Academic Affairs. The student must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in the last 30 hours of study. Students requesting to enroll in 22, 23 or 24 hours for a semester must write a letter to the Academic Council explaining their reason and extenuating circumstance for the overload. This letter should be given to the Vice President of Academic Affairs Academic Advisement.

Students are responsible for understanding degree requirements and making their own course selections. Faculty and staff advisors assist students in selecting courses, but students are solely responsible for their own academic planning and for meeting degree requirements.

5. Audit Of Courses

Persons may audit courses on a space available basis. Students who audit courses are required to enroll and pay all regular fees. A grade of 'AU' is recorded on the transcript. Students may change to credit status provided they meet the OPSU admission standards. Students may also change from credit to audit. Please refer to the Academic Calendar in this publication for deadlines.

6. Definitions You Need To Know

ADMISSION—New, readmit and transfer students should complete an OPSU Admission Application. Depending on age, high school graduation or GED, and whether you are seeking a degree or not, students will need to provide a high school transcript or GED certificate, transcripts from all colleges previously attended, ACT scores or take OPSU placement testing.

PRE-ENROLLMENT—Services provided to the student to tentatively reserve a place in classes. Students may pre-enroll and later guarantee their place in class through finalizing their financial arrangements (confirming). Only students who have finalized their financial arrangements (confirmed) will be listed on class rolls.

GENERAL ENROLLMENT—The days of enrollment for all students who have not finalized enrollment and financial arrangements. Faculty advisors will be on hand these days for student advisement. Testing and placement will be available through the Testing Office for admission purposes. The Financial Aid Office and other offices will also be open.

FINALIZING and/or CONFIRMING—Making financial arrangements with the Business Office to pay for the coursework. This must be done before the first day of class to preserve your place in the class.

CANCELLATION—Pre-enrolled students who have finalized their financial arrangements (confirmed) must cancel registration before the first day of classes begin or withdraw after classes have begun and pay fees according to the State Regents' fee policy. No charge is assessed if cancellation occurs before the first day of classes. This process starts in the Admissions Office. If you are pre-enrolled and have not finalized financial arrangements and decide not to attend, please contact the Admissions Office to cancel your pre-enrollment.

7. Additional Information

Main OPSU Telephone Number: (580) 349-2611 - or - 1-800-664-OPSU
Visit our Web Site:
Academic Affairs Office: Sewell-Loofbourrow, Room 137. Ext. 1400
Admissions Office: Sewell-Loofbourrow, Room 128, Ext. 1373
Registrar's Office: Sewell-Loofbourrow, Room 128, Ext. 1373
Housing & Student Affairs: Sewell-Loofbourrow, Room 101, Ext. 1360
Financial Aid: Sewell-Loofbourrow, Room 106, Ext. 1580
Counseling & Testing: McKee Library, Ext. 1558

8. Graduating Seniors

Students planning to graduate in the fall term (December) should make application for graduation in the Registrar's Office and pay their graduation fee in the Business Office at the time of registration for the graduation semester.

9. Students with Disabilities

OPSU will make reasonable accommodations for qualified students with a disability. If you need special accommodations, please talk to the course instructor, your advisor, your dean, or the Director of Counseling and Testing.

10. Vehicle Registration and Parking

Students who park a vehicle on campus must register the vehicle and purchase a parking decal. Information required for purchasing a parking decal includes the make, model, year and license plate number of each vehicle. Decals are purchased in the Student Affairs Office, Sewell-Loofbourrow #101.

11. Student I.D. Cards

Each student must have a student identification card. New students have their photo ID made in the Student Affairs Office in Sewell-Loofbourrow #101. Returning students have their ID validated in the Student Affairs Office for the current semester AFTER confirming enrollment at the Business Office Window. If a student loses his/her ID, a new one may be made for ten ($10) dollars.

12. College Admission & Placement Exams

The National ACT Registration packets can be picked up in the OPSU Admissions Office, Counseling Center, High School and Community Relations Office, your local High Schools or on the internet at

The Residual ACT is for OPSU use only. The Residual Act Test will be administered at OPSU and pre-registration is required. The registration fee is $35.00 (fees are subject to change) and can be taken in the Counseling Center, Room 141, Hamilton Hall. A photo ID is required to take the residual exam. It is administered within a two week period prior to the semester. For specific dates and times, contact the Counseling and Testing Office at 580-349-1558.

The Course Placement Tests (CPT) must be taken by students who score below a 19 in any subject area on their National ACT or Residual ACT. The CPTs can be taken on a walk-in basis Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. in the Counseling Center or at the scheduled enrollment clinics.

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