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Staff Spotlight: Meghan Gates

Released by Panhandle State Campus Communications on 01/22/2019 Meghan Gates —Photo by Chris Urias Meghan Gates —Photo by Chris Urias

Goodwell, Okla. — A scholarship to play volleyball may have been the original draw to Panhandle State for Castle Rock, Colo. native and Psychology major Meghan Gates, but the community and sense of family is the very thing that brought her back to serve as a staff member.

Meghan is currently the Director of Campus Communications, a position she accepted in August of 2018 after working as an Admissions Counselor in the High School and Community Relations Office for one year and a year prior to that as an Administrative Assistant in the Counseling Office. In her current role, she primarily focuses on advertising and marketing as well as communications among the campus and community. Gates is a member of the Staff Association as well.

In regards to her goals within the position for the future she commented, “I’m all about stream-lining processes. Because so many things across campus have to go through this office and we always have so many projects going on at once, I want to be able to better serve the university by making things as uncomplicated and simple as possible.”

Vice President of Outreach Dr. Ryan Blanton commented, “Meghan has been an excellent addition to our team. In a position where no two days are the exact same and deadlines are tight, she rose to the challenge from the beginning. Her skill set and vision lend perfectly to our goals for the future.”

Her favorite thing about Panhandle State is definitely the people. “There is an overwhelming number of employees that have been here for years and years and care so much about this place. I have such admiration for their dedication and love for Panhandle State. Those people truly make the school what it is.”

She added, “I am passionate about working at the university because of the students.

College was a really difficult time for me, but it was also the time where I realized my relationship with God and grew to serve Jesus. I know that many students share the same struggles I faced and I want to be able to help in any way I can.”

Aside from work, Meghan loves to spend time with her husband and best friend, Cody. A Panhandle State graduate, Cody works for a rancher and Meghan enjoys the days she gets to help him. The couple has a home outside of Guymon with horses, cattle, mini-donkeys, and Meghan’s newest project, chickens. Meghan adds, “I’m a homesteader at heart and my dream is to be able to raise all of our own meat and produce.” Cody and Meghan also run a college ministry every Tuesday evening for young adults and teach children at their church every Wednesday evening as part of its outreach program.