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Looper Preserves and Gifts History

Released by Panhandle State Campus Communications on 11/26/2018 Alumus and retired instructor Lloyd Looper keeps history alive through a cutting board gift to Kelly Faltyn made from a desk estimated to have been built in 1948. — Photo by Meghan Gates Alumus and retired instructor Lloyd Looper keeps history alive through a cutting board gift to Kelly Faltyn made from a desk estimated to have been built in 1948. — Photo by Meghan Gates

Goodwell, Okla. — On October 6th, 2018, Panhandle State alumnus and retired instructor, Lloyd Looper made his way to the university’s surplus auction along with other community members.

Midway through the auction, a pair of old, broken, and worn-down desks came to the front.
Without anyone bidding, Looper stated, “I saw it and I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to save that. I can’t let it go.’”

Looper snagged the couple of projects for a small fee of five dollars per desk. Upon bringing his new purchases home, he decided to take a closer look at the antique treasures. A “’43” was stamped on the desks, as well as a “Panhandle A&M College ‘56” stamp. Looper believes the desks were built in 1943, then inventoried at Panhandle State in 1956.

With such a treasure, Looper wanted to make the history last, so he decided on making cutting boards out of the desks. He began wood working in 1967 when his wife, Doris Looper, gave him a lathe to suit his interest in creating wood projects. After many years of wood working and creating wood pieces to help support scholarships, Looper was well practiced when the desire to save school history was put on his heart.

Looper decided that he wanted to give one of the cutting boards to Kelly Faltyn, Panhandle State’s First Lady. He believes that the history in the oak is what is where its worth lies and wants to keep that history alive by gifting it back to those who appreciate it.

Panhandle State President Tim Faltyn stated, “it’s a wonderful thing to have people like Lloyd Looper preserving and valuing the history of what makes Panhandle State great. I can’t thank him enough for his generosity and thoughtfulness.”

Looper intends to be able to produce 16 complete cutting boards out of the two desks he purchased and wants to continue to spread them around. With people like Looper in the community, Panhandle State’s rich history will continue to live on through the generations.

We Are Panhandle We Are Panhandle!

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Beau Peterson Making Breakaway History

Panhandle State's very own Beau Peterson is a part of the first ever Breakaway Roping event at The American in Arlington, Texas. —Photo by Whitney Thurmond Photography

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Alumni Announces Hall of Fame Honorees

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Panhandle State Fastest Growing University in Region

Panhandle State attributes its success to new changes, additional programs, and campus-wide recruiting effort — Photo by Bruce Waterfield

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Students Visit the Capitol for Higher Ed Day

Higher Ed Day was held February 12, 2019 at the Capitol. —Courtesy photo

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Men’s Team Wins the Rodeo with Two Event Titles

Southwestern Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma Panhandle State University Team Ropers, Taylor Lagasse and Trey Hall — Photo by Dale Hirschman

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Annual Top Hand Auction Sets Record

Panhandle State's Rodeo Team Top Hand Sponsor of the Year was given out to Lanny Wilson, Mike Branson, and Jack Strain at the annual Top Hand Auction. —Photo by Meghan Gates

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Faculty Spotlight: Michael Bozeman

Michael Bozeman

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Oklahoma Regional Universities are Ladders to Success

In a recent study by the Brookings Institution, Oklahoma Panhandle State University was labeled a “ladder to success” in regard to social mobility. —Courtesy photo

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Staff Spotlight: Meghan Gates

Meghan Gates —Photo by Chris Urias

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Fahrendorf Provides Generous Donation to Alumni Office

Thanks to Panhandle alumni and former Computer Information Systems faculty Pam Fahrendorf the Alumni Office is looking great! —Photo by Danae Moore