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Faculty Spotlight: Tito Aznar

Released by Panhandle State Campus Communications on 06/13/2018 Tito Aznar —Photo by Chris Urias Tito Aznar —Photo by Chris Urias

Originally from Argentina, English Instructor Tito Aznar’s story at Panhandle State begins for him as a student at the age of 22.

He began taking courses in 2000 as an English Education major. Prior to moving to Oklahoma, Tito taught English as a Foreign Language at a private institute in Argentina. At Panhandle State, in addition to his degree courses, Tito took music lessons which led to his involvement in the theatre program and its musical productions. Initially, he helped with stage management. All of this led to his love for and work in directing the theatre program at Panhandle State now.

Tito graduated magna cum laude in 2004 and was named the J.R.P. Sewell award winner.
Following graduation, a position within the English department opened up and Tito began to teach. He has taught numerous courses including Comp I, Comp II, Critical Approaches to Literature, American Drama, Modern Drama, Sentence Diagramming, Analysis of the Short Story, Elementary Spanish I, Elementary Spanish II, Experiences in Humanities: Santa Fe, Musical Theatre, Forensic Activity, and Conversational Spanish. His favorite classes to teach include English Usage and Diagramming.

In addition to the courses he teaches, the students he advises, and his role as the director of the theatrical productions, Tito is always willing to proofread for whoever may need a little extra help. He serves on the Teacher Education Council, Graduation Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, and has served on the Panhandle State Association of Alumni and Friends Association Board. He is also going to write and proofread for the University’s next report for the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

“I love the University. I am comfortable here. I like the peace and quiet. It is a small school, and I like that everyone knows everyone. And nothing beats the sunset here.”

Tito is currently pursuing a masters in English with an emphasis in rhetoric and composition. He has a dog named Lancelot Creon and enjoys watching great theatre productions and taking photographs.

Tito’s attention to detail and perfection is second to none. It goes without saying that anything Tito is involved with from teaching to the many activities he helps with, the work he produces is outstanding and always done with a smile!