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Student Spotlight: Dustin Martinez

By Annawynn Drury, Panhandle State Collegian on 04/04/2018 Dustin Martinez —Photo by Chris Urias Dustin Martinez —Photo by Chris Urias

Despite being in the heart of No Man’s Land, Oklahoma Panhandle State University has never failed to provide an array of activities for every college student. No better student emulates that message than local born and raised Dustin Martinez, son of Mike and Kelly Ritter.

Dustin is a sophomore from Guymon, Okla. Despite living more rurally throughout his life, Dustin finds himself involved in almost every corner of the campus. He is pursuing a degree in Fine Arts. He specializes in incredible sculpture and ceramic works that have been recognized at the Art Jubilee Award Ceremony sponsored by the Oklahoma Arts Council. In 2013, Martinez was recognized with the Ceramic Potter’s Wheel Merit Award for his craftsmanship. Aside from the incredible pieces he creates, he is minoring in marketing.

His love for the arts has already advanced Dustin on campus as he currently serves as the President of Images Art Club. Images Art Club is well known on campus for their involvement with student activities like the Zombie 5K and the Angel Tree Project in the fall semester. This spring, the Images Art Club will host the Paul Farrell Memorial Scholarship Art Auction to raise money and commemorate Artist Paul Farrell. The proceeds will go to two different scholarships; the Endangered Student Scholarship and the Endowed Student Scholarship.

In addition to his creative abilities, Martinez is a bull riding and member of the Panhandle State Rodeo Team.

During the early weeks of February, Dustin was recognized by his peers as he was nominated by Images Art Club to represent them as a WinterHomecoming Candidate.

Martinez relayed he was honored, “Images has been a large part of my life at OPSU and I want to say thank you to my family in Hesper Hall for not only nominating me, but giving me their vote along with any of my fellow peers who helped me in the voting. I never really got into the Homecoming stuff in high school much, or any ‘extra’ activities within the school for that matter, let alone run for something like that, so being nominated itself was pretty cool, but I never expected I’d get picked!”

Dustin Martinez was crowned homecoming king alongside Melody Ethley at the Winter Homecoming Coronation Ceremony, Saturday, February 10th. A tremendous honor for a local student that constantly illustrates how far hard work and perseverance will take you.