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Student Spotlight: Addison Munsch

By Annawynn Drury, Panhandle State Collegian Writer on 02/22/2018 Panhandle State Sophomore Addison Munsch Panhandle State Sophomore Addison Munsch

*As previously printed in The Collegian on February 7, 2018.

Goodwell, Okla. — This week The Collegian is excited to introduce Addison Munsch to the spotlight. This Panhandle State sophomore is native to the area and grew up in Boise City, Okla. with her parents, twin brother BJ, and older brother Todd. When she is not in class pursuing a degree in Biology, Addison is active on the court as Panhandle State Women’s Basketball forward and guard.

She told The Collegian that her motivation to play basketball comes from many different sources. “I get my motivation from my parents who are by my side through it all, and all the previous and present coaches I have, and have had, who push me to be the best I can be. Another thing that motivates me is my teammates and assistant coach always reminding me not to take anything for granted, you never know when your last play will be.”

She is a fierce competitor on and off the court as she plans on pursuing a degree in Chiropractic Medicine after she graduates in 2020. Her love for the game and active presence on campus pushes her to continually stay active. Currently, she is a member of the campus FCA, and she plans to do an internship at one of the Chiropractic clinics in Guymon next school year. If her future plans and present activities aren’t keeping her busy enough, she also has a love for volleyball. “I have always been fond of volleyball, I hardly know anything about it, but it has come across my mind to give it a shot.”

Addison told The Collegian she is fueled on and off the court by the drive not to let her coach, teammates or fans down. “It plays a tremendous part in what fuels me on and off the court. Regardless of where you are there are always people watching you or looking up to you. So I strive to be the best person or teammate I can be.”

You can find Addison on the court most every weekend accompanied by her parents, Mike and Jean Munsch. “They are one of my biggest blessings, I say that because of their powerful voices. They love to have conversations with the referees from the stands, and they love to cheer.” Her twin brother BJ often can be spotted with her parents, “He is my best friend, he looks nothing like me, he is 6’4’’ with blonde hair and he is more on the intelligent side, while I am more on the athletic side, so we are a perfect balance.” Addison loves the Panhandle and she shared with The Collegian that the community provides an incredible source of support to students and athletes alike, “Besides the ability to see the stars at night and the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the incredible support I receive from my town and the surrounding towns is incredible. They make you feel like you are a part of one big family, they make the struggles a lot easier to come back from.”

Addison is another fine example of the high caliber students that attend Panhandle State.