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Student Spotlight: Colter Reust

By Annawynn Drury, Panhandle State Collegian Writer on 02/22/2018 Panhandle State Senior Colter Reust Panhandle State Senior Colter Reust


*As previously printed in The Collegian on January 24, 2018.

Goodwell, Okla. — This week, it is a pleasure to introduce Colter Reust to the spotlight. Texhoma local and Panhandle state senior in biology, Colter chose Panhandle State because it was close to family and he had a job opportunity while in school. Even with a packed schedule, Colter is involved in outreach opportunities for the university and has helped at a number of county fairs this year, manning booths and spreading information about Panhandle State to the community. 

This involvement hits close to home for Colter as he is the first male in his family to attend college. He told The Collegian, “It’s a great honor for my family to be the first male to graduate from college, it means a lot to the men in my family so that has always driven me to do my best. I plan to continue my college education by pursuing Engineering School in the fall and plan to pursue a career in that.”

Family ties are a strong cord with Colter as he shared the importance of his family being close, “I have always been a family man at heart. I have four sisters and one brother and all but one of them live in Texhoma which is a big reason why I chose to come to OPSU. Every day, I go to class, followed by work, then I usually come home and find something to do with my family. I enjoy shooting guns, driving county roads and just hanging out with friends.”

Throughout his time at Panhandle State, Colter understands how little free time a student has, and the determination it takes to see one’s classes to the end of the semester. He told The Collegian, “Number one thing I would share with underclassmen is to just go to class and participate. Professors here really enjoy feedback from students, and that’s how you make good friends with them. The professors here are the most caring and respectful people you could ask for. The friendships I have created here are long lasting. There are so many people here that want to invest in our lives, and help develop us into great individuals.”

Colter understands the amount of support it takes to see the end of a college career and he is grateful for all of the help along the way, “Outside of just campus life, there are people in this community that will do anything under their power to help students get through college. There are several church groups that feed students during the week and have bible studies, you just can’t find anything else quite like Panhandle. It’s home.”