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Staff Spotlight: Laura Duran

Released by Panhandle State Campus Communications on 11/28/2017 Laura Duran —Photo by Chris Urias Laura Duran —Photo by Chris Urias

A self-described “Jane of all Trades”, Laura Duran is the Physical Plant Director at Panhandle State and she certainly gets the job done. Laura supervises the Maintenance, Custodial, and Grounds Crews as well as the Motor Pool. In addition, she monitors the school water wells and lagoon and works hand-in-hand with Johnson Controls, the University’s heating and air contractor.

While that certainly sounds like a huge load and it is, Laura says, “My job is made easy because of my assistants and their staff.”

She oversees over 25 staff members divided among the departments she supervises.

Laura took the Director position this July after working over 11 years on campus. She started in the maintenance department before moving to custodial services and prior to her current post she served as the Administrative Assistant to the Physical Plant Director.

No one day is like another for Laura aside from the fact they all generally start between 5 or 5:30 a.m. with office work to allow freedom to go “wherever I need to go” throughout the rest of the day depending on what arises.

Born in Dimmitt, Texas, Laura was raised in Stratford, Texas and graduated from high school there before attending college at Panhandle State.

Her favorite part of her job is the people she gets to work with and the new changes around campus. She is directly involved with all renovation projects and new construction on campus.

“I like the fast pace the changes bring with them and I multi-task.”

“Ultimately, it’s for the kids and making the steps to provide for them. I strive to do my best for the students.”

Vice President of Fiscal Affairs Benny Dain is Laura’s supervisor. He commented, “Laura is one of those people you look forward to seeing. She is serious about the campus and her role in moving the campus forward and still maintains that infectious smile of hers (most of the time) working side by side helping those around her to push through whatever the day brings. She understands that it is about the students and her commitment and energy are a real asset to us all at OPSU. I consider myself lucky for being on the same team with Laura.”

Laura enjoys time with her family and has five grandkids.