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PTCI Aggie Hall of Fame Class of 2017 Inductees Honored with Banquet Ceremony

By Alyssa Fox on 10/31/2017 From left: David Flowers, Bob Wakefield, Georgia Walton and the family of Jerry Linton gathered for a night of celebration at the 2017 PTCI Aggie Hall of Fame Banquet and Induction Ceremony.-Sarah Brady photos From left: David Flowers, Bob Wakefield, Georgia Walton and the family of Jerry Linton gathered for a night of celebration at the 2017 PTCI Aggie Hall of Fame Banquet and Induction Ceremony.-Sarah Brady photos

Goodwell, Okla.—Saturday, October 28, four esteemed honorees were inducted into the PTCI Aggie Hall of Fame and gathered with family, friends, old classmates and Panhandle State administration and staff in the Student Union Ballroom for a truly memorable celebration.

David Flowers, Bob Wakefield and Georgia Walton were presented with recognition plaques and Aggie Class of 2017 rings, and the family of Jerry Linton proudly accepted his award mementos as he was inducted posthumously.

To begin the banquet ceremony, University President, Dr. Tim Faltyn spoke eloquently of the treasured tradition of the PTCI Aggie Hall of Fame and honoring of the admirable and talented athletes of Panhandle State University history. Dr. Faltyn acknowledged the horizons the university has matured to expand to while also honoring the past, which allowed us to grow, saying, "Tonight we will celebrate those whose shoulders we stand upon."

While the induction ceremony celebrates candidates who have graced the stat-shattering leader boards of Panhandle yester-year, the PTCI Aggie Hall of Fame selection committee strives to select those with accolades extending beyond their athletic ability, as Dr. Faltyn notes, "These are the kind of people that make everything in the room better. Their accomplishments are about their faith and their growth and hard work. They are the perfect people to honor."

Panhandle past and present joined together in storytelling nostalgia over a delicious meal provided by Great Western Dining with service by the Aggie Ambassadors. When attendants had finished their meals, emcee Derek Barton of KGYN Radio in Guymon, announced the first of the inductees, David Flowers, and welcomed to the podium Flowers' former Panhandle football coach and PTCI Aggie Hall of Fame committee chair, Carroll Gribble to provide his introduction.

Gribble recalled fondly his first impressions of Flowers' as he set foot on the Panhandle campus, and how he grew into a valued member of the '76- '80 football team. "We were looking at a 22-year-old freshman rookie," said Gribble, "He was a great example for the team and it's been a privilege and an honor to know David and to be able to introduce him." Flowers was welcomed at the podium by a loud round of applause from his sizeable group of friends and family in attendance. He spoke highly of Coach Gribble offering him a second chance at playing football, recalling, "They met with me and gave me a chance, that's all I ever wanted." Flowers continued with doting appreciation for his wife, Lou Ann, family and friends who stayed by his side throughout his playing career and beyond, "I can't thank my family enough for the support. I had a blast doing the thing I love, it opened doors for me and I got to do what I dreamed of." Flowers concluded his speech with words of advice that resonated throughout the ballroom, "Never give up on your dreams, you never know what could happen."

The second inductee of the evening was '79-'81 Aggie Basketball team member, Bob Wakefield. Wakefield was introduced by former fellow player Jeff Levetzow. Levetzow reminisced of memorable shared times of the basketball duo, saying, "I quickly realized that playing on Bob's team was a lot better than playing against him." Levetzow spoke highly of Wakefield's caliber playmanship and equally impressive character. "You might think from his stats he was a ball hog, but he was a true team player, he was a humble player. But, no matter how hard they covered him, Bob found a way to beat them," revealed Levetzow. Wakefield received a warm applause, and staying true to his colleagues' word, kept his acceptance speech brief and humble. "I feel very welcomed and very blessed. I appreciate this so very much," said Wakefield as he accepted his PTCI Aggie Hall of Fame plaque.

From the 1985-87 women's basketball era, Georgia Walton was the third Aggie honoree of the evening. Walton was introduced by former Panhandle State Women's Basketball coach Royce Chadwick. Chadwick was elated and began, "I am proud to be able to introduce one of the best basketball players I have ever coached." He recalled a moment of coaching clarity when Walton joined his team, complimenting, "She was electric. Because of that young lady, I made it. If we could all leave here with a slice of her charisma, we would all be better. She's not just an All-American player, she's an All-American girl." Walton was applauded as she stepped to the podium, and proceeded to speak from the heart about her appreciation and admiration for her older brother and late mother. "I played because I loved it," said Walton, "I want to dedicate this award tonight to my mother. I wouldn't be standing here if it wasn't for my mother, she is the reason I played, she encouraged me to follow my dreams." Walton continued with words that enveloped all the honorees, "This award validates true hard work from all the inductees. I am humbled, this is the ultimate recognition."

The fourth inductee into the PTCI Aggie Hall of Fame Class of 2017 was admired '59-'61 Aggie Football player Jerry Linton. Linton was inducted posthumously as close family and friends attended the ceremony to celebrate his memory. Linton's son-in-law- Matt Uhr spoke warmheartedly of his father-in-law's start as a humble boy from Kingfisher, Oklahoma, and his development into one of Panhandle State University's top leading scorers in football. Uhr captivated the ceremony attendants with stories of Linton's self-effacing nature, honor and integrity, and received loving laughs from an anecdote of Linton's championship racquetball career. "It is an honor to enlighten you all on the man that was Jerry Linton," said Uhr, "Jerry would have loved this ceremony. Determination and grit are the reason for his induction."

The evening culminated in venerated congratulations as family, friends and Panhandle staff celebrated the lives and accomplishments of the four regarded inductees of the PTCI Aggie Hall of Fame Class of 2017. In two years, all will gather again to commemorate the Class of 2019 inductees, Carroll Gribble, Gary Cornelsen, Norman Deckman and Caleb Holbrook.