Goodwell and Texhoma, Texas Co. OK

Wasp/Ant Menu

Symphyta - Sawflies

Ichneumonidae - Ichneumon wasps

Suborder Apocrita - Some non-ichnuemon wasps

Siricidae - Horntail

Chrysididae - Cuckoo Wasps

Crabronidae - Cicada killers, horse guard, sand wasps, weevil wasps, beewolves

Pompilidae - Spider wasps

Sphecidae - Thread-waisted wasps

Scoliidae - Scoliid wasps

Family Thynnidae - Thynnid Wasps

Mutillidae - Velvet Ants

Chyphotidae - Chyphotid Wasps

Vespidae - Mason, Potter Wasps, and Paper wasps

Formicidae - Ants


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