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College of Business and Technology

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Technology - Fire Protection Technology
A.A.S. (Associate in Applied Science)

Faculty Contact

Photograph of Collins, Dr. Justin
Collins, Dr. Justin
Title: Professor of Biology / Department Chair of Biology
Office: SAB 218
Phone: 580.349.1522
Email: Email Web Form


Total Hours: 60
  • Student Success Seminar 1
    • Ucss 1111-Student Success Seminar
  • Communications 9
    • Engl 1113-Freshman English I
    • Engl 1213-Freshman English II
    • Comm 1113-Speech Communication
  • Mathematics 3
    • Math 1513-College Algebra OR Math 1473-Math for Critical Thinking
  • American History and Government 6
    • Hist 1313-U.S. Hist. 1492-1877 OR Hist 1323-U.S. Hist. 1877-Present
    • Pols 1013-American Government
  • Technical-Occupational Speciality Courses 32
    • Ems 1145-Emergency Medical Technician
    • Fpst 1113-Fire Fighter I Certification
    • Fpst 1141-Emergency Vehicle Operation
    • Fpst 1313-Building Construction for FPST
    • Fpst 1413-Fire Service Instructor
    • Fpst 1513-Fire Safety Education Practices
    • Fpst 2111-Incident Management System
    • Fpst 2213-Fire Protection Systems
    • Fpst 2223-Fire Prevention
    • Fpst 2314-Fire Protection Strategies and Tactics
    • Fpst 2323-Hazardous Materials Operations
    • Fpst 2331-Wildland Fire Operations
    • Fpst 2444-Leadership and Supervision
  • Support and Related Courses 14
    • Ems 1145-Emergency Medical Technician
    • Chem 1135-General Chemistry