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Agriculture, Science, and Nursing

Program Info


Animal Science - Wildlife Management
B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

Faculty Contact

Photograph of Tucker, Shawna
Tucker, Shawna
Title: Dean of the College of Agriculture, Science, and Nursing / Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Office: SAB 111
Phone: 580.349.1534
Email: Email Web Form


Total Hours: 120
  • General Education 41
  • Major 33
    • Agrn 1213-Intro to Plant Science
    • Agrn 2111-Plant and Seed Identification
    • Agrn 2124-Soil Science
    • Agrn 3213-Pasture and Forage Crops
    • Agrn 3924-Range Management
    • Agrn 4413-Natural Resource Conservation
    • Ansi 1124- Introduction to Animal Science
    • Ansi 3743-Animal Diseases
    • Ansi 4333-Livestock Breeding and Improvement
    • Ansi 4433-Animal Reproduction
    • Ansi 4862-Animal Science Seminar
  • Chemistry 10
    • Chem 1135-General Chemistry
    • Chem 3315-Organic Chemistry
  • Biology 21
    • Biol 1304-Principles of Biology I
    • Biol 1404-Botany
    • Biol 3054-Entomology
    • Biol 3224-Animal Parasitology
    • Biol 3704-Ecology
  • Wildlife 15
    • Wild 1012-Introduction to Natural Ecology and Management
    • Wild 1014-Introduction to Natural History
    • Wild 2013-Ecology and Natural Resources
    • Wild 3013-Applied Ecology and Conservation
    • Wild 4503-Principles of Wildlife Ecology and Management
  • Additional Courses 3
    • Choose from Agronomy, Animal Science, Agriculture, Biology or Chemistry
  • Controlled Electives
    • Sufficient courses to bring upper level hours to 40 credit hours and total to 124 semester hours for graduation.